Influence on people of planets in astronomy
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Influence on people of planets in astronomy

Sun Sign: Aries. Mercury In Pisces

This placing sensitizes Aries’ quick decisiveness and makes individuals far more thoughtful and less prone to selfishness. They often get quite confused over small matters and can, especially when concentrating on something really important to them, become amazingly forgetful. They have considerable intuition, which they should not dismiss – it is something worth cultivating.

Sun Sign: Aries. Mercury In Aries

The mind will work extremely quickly; there will be a sharp decisiveness which is usually accurate, but can lead to premature action if the individual is being particularly assertive. The broad picture will be considered, but details can be overlooked. These people will not have time for trifles; hastiness may make them appear very off-hand at times.

Sun Sign: Aries. Mercury In Taurus

The mind will work slowly and steadily, with the individual being thoughtful and deliberate. The Aries temper will be slow to ignite, but is far more stormy, and will not subside particularly quickly. There is good concentration and memory, and generally the impetuosity of Aries will be stabilized by this Mercury influence.

Sun Sign: Taurus. Mercury In Aries

Mercury works speedily and decisively from Aries, which will be an asset to the slower, more deliberate Taurean. Individuals will express themselves persuasively and come out with bright ideas. However, if these individuals are accused of undue haste at times, they should take note.

Sun Sign: Taurus. Mercury In Taurus

The individual will be patient and show great common sense, with slow but thorough thinking processes. Mercury will increase the Taurean tendency towards stubborness. Children take time to assimilate facts, but what is learned will be retained.

Sun Sign: Taurus. Mercury In Gemini

This adds a sparkle to the way Taureans express themselves. Geminian duality enhances the ability to do two things at once. Taurean patience and skilful Gemini-influenced hands can make one adept at craftwork.

Sun Sign: Gemini. Mercury In Taurus

This powerful placing of Mercury does much to control Geminian superficiality, adds stability to the thought process, increases common sense, and instills a practical outlook. There is more consistency of effort, and less tendency to become restless.

Sun Sign: Gemini. Mercury In Gemini

All the basic Sun-sign characteristics of Gemini will be present, with duality, restlessness, and the inability to cope with boredom very much emphasized. The mind will work extremely quickly, darting from one aspect of a subject to another. There is natural intelligence and a tendency to give the impression of knowing more than they actually do.

Sun Sign: Gemini. Mercury In Cancer

There is considerable intuition in this group but a proneness to quite serious worry from time to time. This will be tackled with Geminian logic, but can cause a certain amount of inner conflict. The placing will add a fertile imagination and increased sensitivity, but logical reasoning may lead to the suppression of inner feelings.

Sun Sign: Cancer. Mercury In Gemini

This combination will allow the powerful Cancerian emotion to be tempered by a strong shot of Geminian logic, which will emerge when individuals are plagued with worry. This will help restrain their fertile imaginations and prevent them getting out of hand; they should then retain a sensible perspective, even when conditions are seriously stressful.

Sun Sign: Cancer. Mercury In Cancer

The Cancerian imagination should be creatively expressed, and good solutions will be found to personal problems after much soul searching. A tendency to look to the past will be somewhat style-cramping. Tenacity is very strong in this grouping, and goes in tandem with steadfast determination, so that these Cancerians may well not know when enough is enough. The memory should be excellent, but sometimes resentfulness can mar friendships.

Sun Sign: Cancer. Mercury In Leo

This sign placing adds inner strength and much-needed organizing ability. These individuals really can take charge, if and when necessary – sometimes to the point of becoming quite bossy. Leo will increase confidence and broaden the outlook, along with thinking big, while the Cancerian worry factor will be reduced.

Sun Sign: Leo. Mercury In Cancer

This placing adds sensitivity, intuition, and a certain shrewdness to the Leo characteristics. Cancerian imagination will be a considerable boon to artistic Leos, allowing full flights of fancy to work on whatever the individual is creating. There will be an above average tendency to worry, and the renowned Leo magnanimity will be considerably less in evidence.

Sun Sign: Leo. Mercury In Leo

There may well be a reluctance to change opinions once they are formed, together with increased determination and possible bossiness, but superb organizational and leadership abilities. The powers of concentration are excellent, and, though the Leo tendency to show off and exaggerate will also be present, generosity and big heartedness make good counters to these negative traits.

Sun Sign: Leo. Mercury In Virgo

This gives a critical edge and a quickness of mind, which adds common sense, so that, when Leo wants to put big ideas into action, an inner voice will encourage restraint, both in concept and where finances are concerned. These Leos are hard-working but often less self-confident than they seem to be.

Sun Sign: Virgo. Mercury In Leo

This influence increases Virgo’s selfconfidence, and adds determination and breadth of vision. These individuals will be far less inclined to worry, and will be optimistic in their outlook. The tendency to nag and carp, common to this sign, will also be less of a problem – but any hint of bossiness will have to be controlled.

Sun Sign: Virgo. Mercury In Virgo

Those with this placing who read descriptions of their Sun sign will agree with everything that is written. They will work hard and in great detail, analyzing problems and being ultra-logical. They should, however, consciously develop self-confidence, for their nervous haste can cause careless mistakes, shyness, or over-talkativeness.

Sun Sign: Virgo. Mercury In Libra

This placing will considerably help individuals to worry less and take life as it comes, but it will increase a tendency towards indecisiveness. The Virgo inclination to be querulous is not diminished – any accent on Libra encourages quarrels, just because of the pleasure of making up afterwards. However, the influence of Venus on the Virgo Sun-sign people will certainly make an impact.

Sun Sign: Libra. Mercury In Virgo

Libran indecisiveness will be very much countered by the strong, logical influence of Mercury from its own sign, Virgo. But, in being graced with this blessing, Libra must also consciously control the Virgoan tendency to nag, especially their partners. They have excellent minds and if inclined to intellectual pursuits, should become really involved. Mental cobwebs are not good for them.

Sun Sign: Libra. Mercury In Libra

This placing will increase Libran indecisiveness and tend to encourage mental laziness. Drifting and day dreaming or being over-relaxed as the television chunters on is not to be encouraged. Here is tremendous sympathy, understanding, and kindness, for these individuals are superb listeners; but pinning them down to take action is extremely frustrating for family and friends.

Sun Sign: Libra. Mercury In Scorpio

This adds considerable inner strength to the somewhat languid characteristics of the Sun sign. Here is determination and deeply incisive thought processes. Jealousy and resentfulness can occur, often without good reason, but the natural Libran charm will as ever be in evidence. Here is also a liking for gossip and a tendency to enjoy plotting and scheming.

Sun Sign: Scorpio. Mercury In Libra

The natural sex appeal of Scorpio will be enhanced by the equally natural, pretty Mercury-in-Libra speeches which will enhance the Scorpio approach to prospective partners. This placing will soften some of the harsher expressions of S corpio characteristics and adds sympathy, understanding, and empathy. H ere too, are good listeners.

Sun Sign: Scorpio. Mercury In Scorpio

Intensity, determination, and a sense of purpose will be heightened by a mind that will retain everything and forget nothing; but in extreme cases a destructive urge can emerge. If this enormous cavern of thought and intuition is expressed positively here we should see a sleuth-like mind capable of solving the most enigmatic problems.

Sun Sign: Scorpio. Mercury In Sagittarius

The optimism, breadth of vision, and all-round positive outlook of Mercury from Sagittarius makes for a fascinating counterbalance to the depth and intensity of Scorpio. These contrasting qualities will give the best of two very different worlds, and because Scorpio has such inner strength and Sagittarius gives excellent intellectual capacity and potential there should be no conflict.

Sun Sign: Sagittarius. Mercury In Scorpio

This placing counters the somewhat carefree attitude of breezy Sagittarian Sun-sign types, giving them great intensity and depth of thought which will often contribute considerable success for them. Here, the individual will take time to think through plans and projects and feelings regarding other people. The ability to cope with detail, often seriously missing with this zodiac type, will be well countered.

Sun Sign: Sagittarius. Mercury In Sagitta Rius

Sagittarian intellectualism is further enhanced when Mercury joins the Sun in this sign. There is a wide breadth of vision but very little ability to see fine detail, which is often overlooked. The Sagittarian broad and rather jokey sense of humour will be present, as will terrific optimism, enthusiasm, and a near fear of claustrophobic psychological or physical living conditions.

Sun Sign: Sagittarius. Mercury In Capricorn

The influence of Mercury in this placing will tend slightly to sober up the exuberance of Sagittarius. There will be increased thoughtfulness and better powers of concentration with less blind optimism, and an element of caution. Interestingly, the wonderful Capricorn offbeat sense of humour will make its mark and chime in quite interestingly with Sagittarian wit. A love of literature is usual.

Sun Sign: Capricorn. Mercury In Sagittarius

Mercury will lighten the serious side of the Capricorn personality and will enhance the “giddy goat” in all of them. There will be increased optimism and the ability to grasp concepts quickly, a fair measure of versatility, and less single-mindedness. The thought processes will be quicker than when Mercury is in other signs.

Sun Sign: Capricorn. Mercury In Capricorn

The Capricorn dry sense of humour can get no better expression than when the two planets share this sign. But here is determination and ambition at its peak. These individuals can achieve a very great deal if they will free themselves of unnecessary worry.

Sun Sign: Capricorn. Mercury In Aquarius

An element of stubbornness and mild eccentricity will be expressed from time to time, and these individuals will have a less conventional outlook on life. But, at times, there will be conflict between deciding to take a conservative or radical line of action. Bright and original ideas should not be ignored.

Sun Sign: Aquarius. Mercury In Capricorn

Here are two rather chilly sign influences getting together. These individuals’ minds will be practical, logical, and inventive, with a tendency to stubbornness. There will be a very clear concept of what should be undertaken in a very conventional way and where greater freedom of expression can be expressed. If these two extremes work well – excellent; if not, a certain amount of inner conflict will have to be resolved.

Sun Sign: Aquarius. Mercury In Aquarius

Aquarian Sun-sign characteristics will be further enhanced by this placing, as will increased stubbornness and unpredictability. Inventiveness and considerable originality will be expressed, and independence will be of prime importance. Freedom of expression to get on with their work and life in their own individual way is necessary.

Sun Sign: Aquarius. Mercury In Pisces

This placing will add sensitivity and greater consideration of other people, so that the Aquarian independence is somewhat softened. The Aquarian humanitarian quality will be markedly strengthened, and the emotional impact of Pisces, through Mercury, will add an interesting and warm dimension to these individuals.

Sun Sign: Pisces. Mercury In Aquarius

Mercury will add strength of mind to the Pisces Sun. There will be an element of determination and stubbornness which will also be extremely positive. The caring elements – so strong in this Sun sign – will be further increased, and originality and inventiveness will add considerable sparkle and a touch of glamour to Piscean creative interests.

Sun Sign: Pisces. Mercury In Pisces

Here are very Piscean individuals. They often find it difficult to keep both feet on the ground. When they take off – if they can allow their incredible imaginations to take off with them and eventually give their ideas life and creative form – they will do extremely well. They are gullible and must try really hard to develop an element of sceptism at all times.

Sun Sign: Pisces. Mercury In Aries

This placing gives Pisceans a lively and energetic intellectual boost. Their mind will work quickly and, for the most part, decisiveness and a direct approach to problems will be present, as will optimism and enthusiasm. At times they will waver and fall into a less assertive mood. They must realize that they need not feel negative and can always assess their problems in a positive frame of mind.

Sun Sign: Aries. Venus In Aquarius

Venus adds a mysterious glamour to individuals. Aries independence relates to relationships and other spheres. Often a final commitment to marriage or a relationship is delayed due to a need for independence. Individuals will be highly sexed, but may be emotionally distant. They often waste money on silly, trendy things.

Sun Sign: Aries. Venus In Pisces

Aries selfishness will be considerably lessened, replaced by a loving and caring attitude. The passionate fire of the Aries Sun and the sensitivity of the water element of Venus blend perfectly to make an ideal lover, one attuned to the partner’s concerns and interests. Charity can sometimes be carried to excess.

Sun Sign: Aries. Venus In Aries

These individuals love passionately. They make lively partners who fall in and out of love very quickly, and once tired of a partner will hastily move on. Aries selfishness will emerge out of the need to put the self first and to always take the lead. A good measure of independence is vital within their relationships, and they spend freely.

Sun Sign: Aries. Venus In Taurus

Venus is very powerful from its own sign and will complement Aries passion, but these individuals will be slower to arouse than many of this Sun sign, and be somewhat possessive. There is a touch of the pure romantic, and a love of the finer things in life, especially good food. They are also enterprising and clever with cash.

Sun Sign: Aries. Venus In Gemini

Geminian flirtatiousness adds an interesting perspective to the Aries individual, who will be especially brilliant at chat-up lines. The temptation to have more than one lover at a time will often prove irresistible. Here there is less passion and a greater need for friendship within a love relationship. A lively business sense is usual but there will be difficulty in saving cash.

Sun Sign: Taurus. Venus In Pisces

Here we have the pure romantic – the nostalgic and sensual lover. The emotional content of relationships will be very high, and usually beautifully expressed both in and out of bed. Taurean possessiveness will be expressed with loving care, but will nevertheless make some partners feel claustrophobic. Money will be generously given to charity – and spent on good living.

Sun Sign: Taurus. Venus In Aries

While passionate, these individuals will pace themselves – Taurus does not like to be rushed. However, once aroused, there will be a great deal of enjoyment and sexual fulfillment for both partners. Taurean possessiveness will not be pronounced, as Venus adds an element of independence to the attitude towards relationships. Taurean business acumen combines with Aries enterprise to offer excellent potential for financial success.

Sun Sign: Taurus. Venus In Taurus

All Taurean characteristics will be enhanced. While there is sincere love, affection, and sexual passion, possessiveness will also emerge, and the partners’ reaction to it will vary according to their particular birth charts. Thinking of the partner as a possession (“she’s mine”) must be countered. There is brilliant business sense and a strong desire to make and spend a lot of money.

Sun Sign: Taurus. Venus In Gemini

A need for friendship within a love relationship will encourage a lighthearted atmosphere, while Taurean possessiveness will be weakened by Geminian logic. Some conflict can occur when the Taurean Sun-sign qualities are ready for a permanent relationship while the Geminian Venus wants to continue to play the field. Expenditure will be considerable – justified by regarding purchases as “good investments”.

Sun Sign: Taurus. Venus In Cancer

The psychological need for family life and a permanent relationship will be a powerful force. Here are wonderfully sensual lovers, but those who, while creating a beautiful home, will be extremely possessive both towards partners and children. They are brilliant business people, who can make a fortune yet are not particularly generous. There is a tendency to be over nostalgic for the past.

Sun Sign: Gemini. Venus In Aries

Geminians with an Aries Venus are the most passionate of their sign. This adds an interesting perspective to the personality, and enquiring Geminian minds will become even more sceptical than usual when they read about their Sun sign, which will have no mention of a deeply passionate and highly sexed attitude to love. Here are big spenders – even if they are not big earners.

Sun Sign: Gemini. Venus In Taurus

This placing stabilizes the lighthearted Geminian attitude to love, and will encourage faithfulness, a deeper expression of feeling, and a warm and loving attitude. The sex life will be fun, and sheer enjoyment and pleasure will be both given to and readily received from the partner. A love of beautiful things will prove expensive, but there is usually a talent for selling.

Sun Sign: Gemini. Venus In Gemini

Here are the flirts of the zodiac, with a natural gift for expressing their love – romantically and sexily or with the best chat-up lines ever. They can enjoy more than one relationship at a time, but have the knack of talking their way out of difficult situations. Money They will make it one way or another.

Sun Sign: Gemini. Venus In Cancer

Here is the poetic Gemini – a romantic lover and the least flirtatious of the sign. Great tenderness and sensitivity is beautifully expressed, and there is a tendency to worry about partners, often with less Geminian logic than might be expected of this very rational type. They have an excellent and shrewd business sense but are not always good at saving.

Sun Sign: Gemini. Venus In Leo

This placing will bring constancy to the Gemini who, while still enjoying flirting and giving new acquaintances a come-on, will have a desire for true love and affection, which will be warmly expressed. Here are Geminians who tend to collect broken hearts, but eventually find true love. They need to make a lot of money because of their love of the beautiful and the expensive.

Sun Sign: Cancer. Venus In Taurus

Here is a potentially caring and loving parent to whom family life will be extremely important. But we also have here one of the most sensual and responsive lovers of the whole zodiac. This can result in possessiveness and a tenacity which sometimes becomes overwhelming. The break-up of a relationship will be incredibly painful and difficult for both partners. There is considerable flair for business.

Sun Sign: Cancer. Venus In Gemini

When logic and intuition meet, as they do in those that have this combination, individuals are canny enough to keep several steps ahead of others – especially when it comes to matters of love and sex. They know where it is that they are going and precisely what they want out of life. Friendship for them is as important as passion. They have a knack of managing their finances very well.

Sun Sign: Cancer. Venus In Cancer

Love will be expressed tenderly and cherishingly. Cancerian anxiety will seriously emerge where lovers are concerned, and the imagination will take off if the partner is not home when expected. These Cancerians epitomize kindness, but moodiness can mar their love and sex life. They are very clever at making their bank balances grow.

Sun Sign: Cancer. Venus In Leo

This placing gives a certain panache to these individuals, who love enthusiastically and are highly sexed. Venus adds fiery emotion to their sensuality, and they make each romantic encounter something of a special occasion. They have a sense of style and a liking for luxury, and appreciate beautiful things, which means they tend to be considerably more extravagant than most Cancerians.

Sun Sign: Cancer. Venus In Virgo

Cancerian anxiety is considerably heightened, and likely to be centred on the partner (or on children). The tendency to criticize and nag needs conscious controlling if it is not to have a negative effect on the caring and sensitive expression of love and sex. Venus in Virgo will lower and cool the powerful Cancerian emotion. A careful attitude to money is usual.

Sun Sign: Leo. Venus In Gemini

This placing adds a light-hearted and enthusiastic attitude to love, but with a considerable need for love and affection. The early stages of a relationship are especially enjoyable when a battle of words adds spice to the encounter. Leonine passion is present, and real friendship in the relationship is essential. There will be a logical approach to problems, and cash will usually be available when unexpected bills arrive.

Sun Sign: Leo. Venus In Cancer

This adds considerably to Leo sensitivity – which is far more potent than many realize. Here the extravert Leo Sun will conceal injury and Cancerian worry will exaggerate the problem. Sensuality plus passion will enhance the love and sex life, making for exciting and responsive partners. A love of works of art or antiques will lead to good investments for this canny group of Leos.

Sun Sign: Leo. Venus In Leo

Here we have the full Leo drama queens, who will do everything possible to enhance their relationship by expressing their fire-sign passion with gusto. They will give enormous encouragement, but, when breakdown occurs, the damage will be well above average. Money is important to pay for a much-enjoyed expensive lifestyle.

Sun Sign: Leo. Venus In Virgo

Leo’s enthusiasm for love and sex is restrained, and a bit of sexual inhibition is present – often expressed through criticism of a partner. Awareness of this should allow the warmth of the Leo Sun to counter the coolness of Venus. Circumspect attitude towards cash.

Sun Sign: Leo. Venus In Libra

Sexual passion will be enjoyed in as much opulence as can be afforded. A lasting relationship is important, and may lead to putting too much expectation on partners. Leo’s tendency to put the loved one on a pedestal is present, as is Libra’s to pick a quarrel because it’s nice to make up afterwards. Money will not be kept for very long.

Sun Sign: Virgo. Venus In Cancer

This placing increases Virgoan emotions and makes for rewarding love and sex. Here is a joint tendency to worry from the two signs most prone to it. When Venus gets out of hand, Virgoan logic and common sense will be expressed – which is not easy, as a lot of concern will be focussed on the partner. Money is handled practically and carefully.

Sun Sign: Virgo. Venus In Leo

Venusian fire will add enthusiasm for love and sex, and sexual fulfillment should not be a problem; neither should Virgoan modesty, which Venus will mitigate. The Virgoan critical attitude will be expressed in a domineering way, and awareness of this is necessary. Friendship within the relationship is important. Guilty feelings will occur when this group is extravagant.

Sun Sign: Virgo. Venus In Virgo

The need to relax in relationships is necessary if shyness is not to inhibit a rewarding sex life. A lack of selfconfidence and thoughts of inadequacy, or feelings that sex is “dirty” can be the cause. Awareness that natural modesty and charm is present and attractive to the opposite sex will be a great help. Here is a good business sense.

Sun Sign: Virgo. Venus In Libra

Venus from its own sign is particularly powerful, and creates a strong desire for a rewarding relationship. But Virgo shyness and inhibition will inhibit desire. These individuals must stop thinking that they have nothing to offer to partners when, in fact, they have a great deal. Here is an excellent blend of common sense and the enjoyment of hard-earned cash.

Sun Sign: Virgo. Venus In Scorpio

This is a very meaty placing for Venus, which will considerably increase emotion and sexual desire. The sex drive is powerful, but seriously conflicts with Virgo inhibition. These individuals are extremely sexually attractive, but may not want to appear so. Relaxation in sexual enjoyment is essential, then huge pleasure and fulfillment results. There is a considerable ability to make money.

Sun Sign: Libra. Venus In Leo

Here the need for romance is more powerful than the desire for sexual fulfillment. These individuals will generally spend money freely – at times being accused of “buying” love. They are fun-loving people who need their partners to think well of them.

Sun Sign: Libra. Venus In Virgo

This influence of Venus will dampen the desire for a permanent relationship. A psychological breakthrough will be needed if Libran qualities are to be fully developed. The critical tendencies of Virgo will sometimes be used to cover up sexual insecurity. A careful attitude to money is common.

Sun Sign: Libra. Venus In Libra

Harmony, balance, fairness, and romantic love are at their strongest here; Librans are at their most complete, and have the ability to relax in love and sex. Life, then, is beautiful – unless the balance is upset. Searching too hard for the ideal partner can cause problems, as can overspending.

Sun Sign: Libra. Venus In Scorpio

The influence of the Sun plus emotional strength from Venus provides a force which will be useful in furthering all spheres of these people’s lives, and in enhancing the sex life. Provided that jealousy is guarded against at all times, here are exciting individuals who will be considerate towards their partners. A flair for making and spending money.

Sun Sign: Libra. Venus In Sagittarius

Venus is in a lively, flirty, and frivolous mood in this sign, so the Libran love of romance and longing for a partner may conflict. If these individuals realize that a certain amount of independence is enjoyable they will do extremely well.

Sun Sign: Scorpio. Venus In Virgo

The Venus influence from Virgo will cool Scorpio’s ardour and add modest Virgoan charm. It can cause inhibition, but, in some cases, can also encourage an obsession with sex. The Moon and/or Ascending signs will usually counter such problems.

Sun Sign: Scorpio. Venus In Libra

This is a good placing for intensive, passionate Sun-in-Scorpio types who will be romantic and sensitive with partners. These individuals are capable of true love, which will be expressed in long relationships. However, there is a need to control the mix of Scorpio jealousy and Libran resentfulness.

Sun Sign: Scorpio.venus In Scorpio

Everything written about Scorpio sexuality will have a ring of truth; but even so there are those with this placing who will express their energies in other directions. Prospective partners will be greeted with seductive charm, and will not put up much resistance – but should be aware that the green-eyed monster will be lurking in the wings.

Sun Sign: Scorpio. Venus In Sagittarius

While this adds Sagittarian fire to Scorpio passion, the Venus influence will lighten intensity, bringing a more relaxed attitude and a need for good intellectual rapport within relationships. Sometimes the Sagittarian need for independence will conflict with Scorpio jealousy. There is an ability to make money, but a tendency to gamble too.

Sun Sign: Scorpio. Venus In Capricorn

This influence adds constancy to relationships. It also enhances the ability to have an objective outlook on love. A tendency to find a partner who is of a higher educational or social standing is likely. These folk will get what they want, not only in love and sex, but also in other ambitions.

Sun Sign: Sagittarius. Venus In Libra

This is an excellent placing for exuberant, sexy Sagittarians who can be blustering in their approach. Venus adds a lovely attitude and increased consideration of the partner. The need for good intellectual rapport is present, but the Libran romantic flair combines well with Sagittarian bright sexiness, and here are responsive lovers who are flirtatious and do not necessarily take their relationships particularly seriously.

Sun Sign: Sagittarius. Venus In Scorpio

The fiery emotion of the Sun sign is merged with the deep-water emotion of the Venus sign. Feelings will be intense and passionate and clash with a Sagittarian need for independence and love of freedom. These people will fall in love hard, but somewhat less often than most of their Sun sign. Venus will install an above average interest in financial advancement and gain.

Sun Sign: Sagittarius. Venus In Sagittarius

There is need for love, romance, and good relationships – but these individuals may give the impression that they do not care very much about this sphere of their lives. Sagittarians are the hunters of the zodiac, and while unlikely to go off with the hounds, they frequently move on in love, and the grass is always greener over the hedge! Gambling must be controlled.

Sun Sign: Sagittarius. Venus In Capricorn

These Sagittarians will take their love and sex lives rather more seriously than most. A tendency to have more than one relationship at a time will not be their scene, and while the sexual impulsiveness of the Sun is definitely cooled, enormous pleasure will still be enjoyed. Sagittarian gambling instincts combined with Capricorn business instincts can work extremely well.

Sun Sign: Sagittarius. Venus In Aquarius

These Sagittarians will so enjoy their freedom and independence that they will put off a serious commitment for a very long time. They have a kind of magnetic attraction which they will use to immense effect, and the ardent passion of the sign will be cooled. However, once committed they will be faithful. They may waste money on glamorous, trendy things.

Sun Sign: Capricorn. Venus In Scorpio

The love and sex life will be taken very seriously, and the Venus influence will definitely add passion and very powerful feelings with an above average desire for sexual fulfillment. A final commitment may be delayed because of the need to experiment sexually and emotionally in order to choose the “right” partner. Here is considerable business ability.

Sun Sign: Capricorn. Venus In Sag Ittarius

The love and sex life will be spiced with enjoyment and fun. Capricorn loyalty and faithfulness will be less evident. An element of independence is also present, and very freely expressed. However, the partners of this group will be expected to encourage and give support to the aspiring Capricorn ambitions and appreciate their ever-increasing bank balance.

Sun Sign: Capricorn. Venus In Capricorn

Faithfulness and loyalty will always be in evidence, and the need to look up to the partner is important. The expression of love will be very cool, but because of the influence of the god Pan, who is related to Capricorn, sheer fun and a lively sexiness is present when the mood takes them. A canny and shrewd business sense is usual.

Sun Sign: Capricorn. Venus In Aquarius

This is about as cool as any expression of love can be, with all the glamour and magnetism that Venus always bestows on Aquarius. Here is a need for independence and a sense of freedom, but at the same time a conventional style of relationship is also important. Flair for the new and original when investing can cause losses.

Sun Sign: Capricorn. Venus In Pisces

The serious Capricorn exterior reveals an “old softie” within when it comes to love. There will be confusion and amazement when these individuals fall in love, and while enjoying every romantic encounter, they may well tend to tell themselves to pull themselves together. One minute they assiduously save, while the next they spend freely.

Sun Sign: Aquarius. Venus In Sagittarius

Both these signs are known for their love of independence, so commitment to a permanent relationship will be considerably delayed. Enjoyment of doing their own thing in their own individual way is crucial, while at the same time there will be an equal enjoyment of love and sex and no lack of willing partners. Serious saving schemes may tend to be very boring.

Sun Sign: Aquarius. Venus In Capricorn

Aquarians always enjoy their unique and independent lifestyle and are reluctant to sacrifice it. With Venus in this sign, here is discretion personified; only when the individual is attracted to someone they know to be “right”, socially as well as romantically, will their pursuit of love be thorough and enthusiastic. Cash will be well invested in antiques and works of art.

Sun Sign: Aquarius. Venus In Aquarius

Here is glamour and a kind of star quality that magnetically attracts but also says, “keep your distance”. However, these individuals are very romantic beings, who may well long for a partner but not a partnership. Aquarian independence will rule, but sometimes an inner longing causes conflict which may or may not be resolved.

Sun Sign: Aquarius. Venus In Pisces

The romantic inclination of the Sun-sign Aquarian will dominate over the independent lifestyle. These individuals will fall in love frequently and may well suffer from an above average number of broken hearts. They will tend to take off to cloud nine when falling in love, and ignore lessons learned from past experiences; but they make lovely partners once committed. They probably need professional help with their finances.

Sun Sign: Aquarius. Venus In Aries

Here is a warm, passionate, and forthright attitude to love. These individuals will get a great amount of pleasure from love and sex, and be ready to move on to new relationships once even an iota of boredom sets in; it is at that point that Aquarian independence emerges. Commitment? That will happen in due course. Here are big, impulsive spenders.

Sun Sign: Pisces. Venus In Capricorn

This group of individuals will have a down-to-earth attitude towards their love and sex life. They are sincere, constant, and very loyal. This is a rather cool placing for Venus, but with the very sensitive and emotional content of a Pisces Sun sign it is an excellent stabilizer, and so there will be far less heartache than is often the case. Here is an intuitive and clever business sense.

Sun Sign: Pisces. Venus In Aquarius

The need to feel free and independent of lovers, but an equally powerful need for meaningful relationships is a problem that often has to be resolved by those of this group. Creating a balance – a certain amount of freedom – expressed perhaps through some absorbing interest will help, provided there is always warm love and sex to come home to. Will spend too freely.

Sun Sign: Pisces. Venus In Pisces

Here is a most romantic lover who will get carried away at the least encouragement. Life will be total bliss until they fall back to Earth with a resounding bump. They must develop an element of scepticism when approached by members of the opposite sex, and not look too hard for new partners. There is need for professional help in all financial matters.

Sun Sign: Pisces. Venus In Aries

Here are ardent and passionate lovers who will fall in love very quickly and enjoy sexual fulfillment along with a considerable measure of romance. Their emotional intensity is very strong and will sometimes confuse and even surprise them. While their desires are powerful, a lack of self-confidence may cramp their style. They are enterprising and good at making money.

Sun Sign: Pisces. Venus In Taurus

Venus will add depth, constancy, and stability to the emotional Piscean heart. Here are some very romantic and beautifully sensual lovers, but they need to be aware that possessiveness can mar their relationships. They will do much for their partners and will create a wonderfully comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. There is a common attitude towards money and a liking for luxury.

Mars In Aries

Here is Mars in the sign it rules. The planet will be of increased importance and a focal point of the birth chart. It gives an energy force which will need to be burned positively through daily physical work, sport, and exercise. These individuals will in some respects show certain characteristics of Aries. They will want to be out in front and way ahead of any rivals. They are also likely to put themselves first, so an element of selfishness can sometimes emerge. Accident-proneness when exercising or driving too fast, plus a vulnerability to burns and cuts is ever present, and the sex drive is considerably increased.

Mars In Taurus

Mars will make the individual a passionate, sensual, and romantic lover who will give considerable pleasure and satisfaction. It is a powerful energy source which gives skill at team games such as soccer and rugby. Taureans are placid until aroused, when they become a force to be reckoned with. This is exactly the way Mars operates from Taurus, giving a calm exterior until individuals explode. When this happens they may not always fully realize the severity of the impact they are making. Very often stubbornness is present.

Mars In Gemini

This placing adds considerable mental stimulus, so these individuals are always mentally as well as physically busy. Their alert minds move energetically about, surveying and preparing the next project, and solving problems. Mars has the reputation for not being particularly well placed in this sign, and certainly there is a vulnerability to restlessness and inconsistency of effort; however, any Gemini influence adds versatility. The need for constant intellectual challenge is present, and there is often an evident talent for athletics, tennis, and dance – all of which will be enthusiastically practised.

Mars In Cancer

The Martian energy is expressed emotionally and passionately. There is enormous tenacity, which will be applied to all spheres of life, especially the career and parenthood. Sensuality and caring qualities will be very much part of these individuals’ attitude towards their partners, but a tendency to create a somewhat claustrophobic atmosphere can have a negative effect. It is important that encouragement is given to get them to talk through their problems. There is great capacity for hard work, sometimes carried out in difficult or even dangerous conditions. The ideal exercise for those of this sign placing are all kinds of water sports.

Mars In Leo

The energy Mars brings when in Leo will do much to encourage these individuals to be physically healthy and strong, and positive and enthusiastic in outlook. They need to enjoy exercise, and finding a sport or some interest which makes a demand on their energy level is important. The back and spine are vulnerable, however, so care must be taken to give support to this area of the body. They have excellent if somewhat domineering powers of leadership, and their emotions will flow positively and be expressed through enjoyment of sex and the other pleasures of life. Here too is creative flair, with a talent for painting.

Mars In Virgo

This placing gives a tremendous ability to work hard, and a need to do so. If for some reason this is not possible, the individual will suffer from restlessness. Here too are considerable reserves of nervous energy, which, if expressed through a rewarding career or study, will facilitate excellent results; but awareness that stress and tension easily catches up with them is important: early symptoms emerge as indigestion or stomach upsets. To counter this, yoga or some other relaxing discipline is advisable, and sporting activities where quick movement is necessary – tennis, squash, or even tap-dancing are all enjoyable.

Mars In Libra

Mars complements the Libran need for love and adds pleasure to a rewarding sex life. The tendency to fall in love at first sight can be attended by an equally sudden falling out, so heartbreak is frequent. The planet in languid mood encourages a tendency to say “I can’t be bothered”, and excuses will be made to delay getting moving – especially when it is time to go to the gym or it is going to rain. Here is good perception and a surprising level of intuition, which should not be ignored. A preponderance for headaches, damage to the head, and slight kidney upsets can also be present.

Mars In Scorpio

Mars is the traditional ruler of this sign, and its influence is particularly strong. It will considerably increase the emotional and physical energy, giving drive, determination, and strength of will to succeed. An element of stubbornness is present, and should be countered. While sexual fulfillment is important to all of us, for those with this placing it is extremely important, and any problems of a sexual nature should be resolved, if necessary through therapy. Here are individuals who need emotional involvement in their careers, because working in a dead-end job will be a source of considerable frustration.

Mars In Sagittarius

This is a happy placing for Mars: it increases physical energy, and involvement in a demanding sport is essential for these individuals’ wellbeing, and there will be no lack of enthusiasm. The sex drive is strong, positive, and uncomplicated, so hang-ups and inhibitions are unlikely. However, restlessness will occur when individuals are prevented from using this energetic force, which also contributes considerable intellectual energy and versatility. An element of recklessness is often present together with an inclination to take risks – not only physical risks but perhaps gambling too. This needs controlling if disaster is to be averted.

Mars In Capricorn

There will be high aspirations and determination to achieve them, with the Mars influence to win and come first much in evidence. If the career makes physical demands on these people they will cope extremely well and flourish, accepting hardship as a formidable but surmountable challenge. There is also the ability to cope with working in dangerous conditions. The risk-taking element, usually present with a Mars influence, is minimal when the planet is in this sign. Sex will be taken very seriously, though it is not necessarily of paramount importance since energy is often burned in other directions.

Mars In Aquarius

A need for independence and freedom of expression is very much in evidence. There is also a considerable element of stubbornness and perversity, which at times can be extreme. (In children, it is as well to tell them to do the opposite of what is desired, then parents will get the result they actually need.) There is a decidedly unconventional streak, and true originality, often expressed creatively, or in science or technology. Energy levels are somewhat erratic, but dance or winter sports will be satisfying. Here too is humanitarianism and a desire to relieve suffering.

Mars In Pisces

Here, emotional energy is increased to a near torrential force. This needs to be expressed positively, for if there is no outlet for it there can be psychological problems which may need professional help. These individuals will be very easily moved by suffering, and have enormous sympathy for friends and relatives in trouble, helping out as much as possible. There is often impressive creativity which may be suppressed due to a lack of belief in their own ability. Encouragement must be given to them to carry on working. Physical energy will be best expressed through dance, skating, and water sports – maybe synchronized swimming.

Jupiter In Aries

Jupiter’s natural optimism and fiery enthusiasm sits comfortably and positively when the planet is in this sign. It adds an independent and freedom-loving quality to the nature. Here too is adventurousness, and a pioneering spirit which will also encourage sportsmanship and the Aries need to win, to be first, to be way out in front of one’s rivals. There will be a quality of quick decisiveness which can sometimes lead to premature action. There is increased accidentproneness and a tendency to sometimes take unnecessary risks; but equally the intellectual and studious side of Jupiter will find fascinating expression.

Jupiter In Taurus

Here Jupiter contributes bonhomie, a great love of good food and wine, and a taste for comfortable and sometimes extravagant living. Jupiter will also encourage investment – these people are ambitious for a healthy bank balance which will give them an added sense of security and, of course, an increasingly comfortable lifestyle. If they are not careful all that good living will inevitably have a negative effect on their waistlines, hips, and thighs. Here Jupiter is not usually in an intellectual mood, but as these individuals grow older a philosophical attitude to life will develop.

Jupiter In Gemini

Jupiter often causes intellectual restlessness, along with vacillating opinions on important matters or, during further education, changes of study courses. Consistency of effort is something that should constantly be strived for, otherwise what potentially is a very good mind will not develop as fully as it should, thereby cutting down on the chances of success. Here are clever individuals who are broadminded and versatile, and who will take a tremendous interest in everything going on around them. They can play Devil’s advocate in discussions, getting away with outrageous comments simply to stir up other people.

Jupiter In Cancer

Here Jupiter is beautifully spiced with Cancerian intuition and emotion. These people are extremely kind and sympathetic, with an understanding of human nature and of others’ problems. The imagination is increased and can be used in ways that emerge from other sign and planetary influences; sometimes there is a talent for writing. Cancerian changeability causes opinions to alter considerably from time to time, but, at its best, this trait encourages flexibility and an open-minded attitude. Home and family life will be of above average importance, and these individuals make excellent, if sometimes worrying, parents, who will be keen to stretch their children’s minds.

Jupiter In Leo

The Leo influence on Jupiter adds optimism, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and ambition. It injects a sense of drama and showiness, which if controlled adds effervescence, but if allowed to get out of hand can become bombastic. Here too, is generosity and a liking for the best of everything. Leo is a sign of creativity and this will be expressed in any number of ways – acting, dance, creative writing, and film-making. There are powers of leadership and an excellent organizing ability. These individuals often do great work with children and young people.

Jupiter In Virgo

The key here is breadth of vision – absorbing the big picture in situations and projects – even though Virgo is actually the sign of detail and the close examination of facts. If those with this placing are aware of this conflict, it is possible to make it work extremely well, so that they attain the best of the two extremes. One thing is certain: the mind will be brilliant, with a quick grasp of an intellectually demanding situation. Provided that Virgoan inhibition or lack of self-confidence does not block the flow of practical and lively thoughts and ideas, success is assured.

Jupiter In Libra

This placing endows individuals with sympathetic friendliness and natural empathy. There is a great desire to please, especially lovers, and considerable generosity will be showered on them. Libran charm will be present, and altogether these are lovely people to be with. There is a huge love of luxury and keenness to make money. A tendency to procrastinate will definitely be present, and if we chide them for a somewhat languid attitude they will in turn chide us for being in too much of a hurry! These individuals might well make “que sera, sera” (“whatever will be, will be”) their motto in life.

Jupiter In Scorpio

Both planet and sign encourage individuals to live life to the full, and these two powerful forces will be the source of considerable incentive to live a consistently hard-working and busy life, so that psychological fulfillment grows and energy is burned up in a very positive and rewarding way. There is immense depth and an intense sense of purpose with any Scorpio influence, and when Jupiter’s breadth of vision is added these individuals can have the best of both worlds. The tendency to work too hard and too fervently, however, can lower their reserves, resulting in burn-out.

Jupiter In Sagittarius

This is the sign Jupiter rules, so its influence is considerable. Here is breadth of vision, optimism, enthusiasm, and the need to look ahead. A brilliant mind; all intellectual powers should be used and enjoyed. Here are “eternal students”, moving on from one subject to the next for the sheer enjoyment of learning. There is a poor grasp of detail, as it is felt to be boring and best left to those who enjoy intricacy. Blind optimism, risk taking (sometimes financial due to gambling), and participating in dangerous sports need to be controlled.

Jupiter In Capricorn

Here we have a classic blending of positivity and negativity – of extraversion ( Jupiter) and introversion (Capricorn). Not that all those with a Capricorn influence are shrinking violets; far from it! These individuals are ambitious and determined to achieve objectives. Challenges will be considered in a practical and common sense manner, and enjoyed. Responsibility will be gladly accepted, and one thinks of these people as perhaps the quintessential good boss or senior lecturer who knows how to keep a distance, but will be there to help and encourage staff/students as and when necessary.

Jupiter In Aquarius

This interesting placing for Jupiter endows individuals with humanitarian qualities and a strong need to express them in whatever way possible. Aquarian independence will be in evidence, but these are extremely friendly people who enjoy a rewarding social life with a great many friends and acquaintances. Impartiality, tolerance, and a good understanding of human nature make them sympathetic yet unbiased in outlook and opinion. There will be an abundance of originality, and enthusiasm for scientific interests and technology – often for astronomy and space. Jupiter in Aquarius tends to suggest a picture of a zany professor.

Jupiter In Pisces

The traditional ruler of Pisces will contribute a philosophical outlook with strong spiritual beliefs, whether associated with an accepted religion or New Age concepts. There is a very great deal of intuition which, while these individuals must listen to it, must be balanced with logic and common sense to prevent emotions being overdramatically expressed. There is a compassionate spirit and tremendously sympathetic and caring rapport with other people. There are those who have genuine psychic powers; it is essential that they work with someone experienced in these disciplines to prevent negativity or misguided use.

Saturn In Aries

The energetic qualities of Aries are at variance with Saturn’s restraint, so at times these individuals will move forward with confidence and at other times hold back, lacking the necessary drive to see through situations and challenges. Frustration at lack of achievement may be due to an imbalance of energy. If so, individuals should review their lives and not blame externals; a reassessment of personal attitudes could free up the way forward.

Saturn In Taurus

Taurus has a reputation for caution and patience. Saturn also encourages caution, common sense, and circumspection. Jointly they increase the need for both emotional and financial security. So these individuals have Taurean patience, will cautiously build up their financial reserves, and will wait for the right moment to finalize important decisions. This placing will slow them down, and they will at times have to be encouraged to get on with what they must do.

Saturn In Gemini

This is a good placing for the mind. S aturn will stabilize and organize the somewhat chaotic Gemini thinking patterns and discipline verbal expression, so that these individuals, while still being talkative, will make pertinent comments which other people will be glad to hear. Sometimes, however, there is a hard edge to their opinions and remarks, with hints of satire and cynicism. Children with this placing may be rather slow to speak. They must not be rushed or hassled, otherwise impediments could occur which will be difficult to counter.

Saturn In Cancer

Here is a particularly strong need for emotional security; a formal contract of marriage will be more desirable than cohabitation. Many of these individuals will be especially keen to build a sound family background for themselves, their partner, and children. The Cancerian tendency to worry will be pronounced, even if the dominant signs of the individual’s chart show otherwise. Any hint of depression must be talked through with a sympathetic partner or friends. Often there is restraint in the expression of emotion. They need to relax as this helps counter the tendency.

Saturn In Leo

This placing brings determination, strength of will, superb organizing ability, and loyalty. These individuals take life very seriously, and the usual sunshine of Leo will not be particularly noticeable. Here we have some really splendid but sometimes autocratic and bossy people. Many will be very strict with themselves, imposing a particularly rigid discipline of sergeant-major proportions, excusing themselves when challenged to loosen up a bit by asserting that they are “setting a good example”.

Saturn In Virgo

Saturn from Virgo gives a strong sense of duty, especially when it comes to family loyalty or loyalty to career commitments. The thinking processes are very well ordered, and life must run like clockwork. In relationships, or with anyone working for them, these individuals can be over-critical and tend to “pick holes” at the least provocation. Virgoan worry and obsession with detail is usually present, with little ability or desire to grasp the broad perspective of any aspect of a project, or of life in general. Here is a need for high standards and perfection in everything that is undertaken.

Saturn In Libra

A very powerful need to see fair play is present – not only in these people’s own lives but on behalf of others within their circle or even internationally. Here are kind, practical people, always willing to help, who are also practical enough to give just the kind of support that is needed for someone who is bereaved or emotionally upset in any way. Saturn will encourage the formation of a permanent emotional relationship, and some will feel more comfortable with a much older partner, who may be a father- or mother-figure to them – perhaps countering a psychological gap from their childhood.

Saturn In Scorpio

Emotional energy can be suppressed, and there is a dark intensity which gives the impression that these individuals are pondering on the great problems of the universe. Determination and a sleuthlike talent for research are present, as is an excellent business sense and the ability to make a great deal of money. A certain hardness or coldness may be a cover-up for sexual inhibition, and any problem in this area needs therapeutic resolution. But here too is the ability to enjoy all the good things of life – added to which there is also a Saturnine offbeat sense of humour.

Saturn In Sagittarius

Jupiter and Saturn are opposites in their fields of influence. So when Saturn is in Sagittarius, we get a meeting of contradictory influences – even though Jupiter is represented by its ruling sign, Sagittarius. There will be a considerable emphasis on the intellect, with Saturn steadying and adding the ability to cope with detail as well as seeing the broad perspective of situations and projects. The powers of concentration are good, and there will be a practical approach too. Positivity of outlook will be spiced with Saturnian caution and common sense, and Sagittarian natural enthusiasm; optimism will be “controlled”.

Saturn In Capricorn

This placing will be an extremely powerful influence. These individuals will have strong elements of the Capricorn personality; they will be ambitious and determined and will set their sights on some impressive goals. With Saturn’s positive back-up it is most likely that they will attain them. The Capricornian sense of humour will strongly feature, and in most cases, influences from the inner planets will ease the element of coldness and standoffishness which sometimes occurs. Stiffness in the joints can become a serious problem, so it is important that these people should be encouraged to keep up regular exercise.

Saturn In Aquarius

Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, so its influence is increased from this sign. Here it is in a positive mood and as light-hearted as is possible with this dour planet. It encourages independence and strength of will. These individuals are usually selfcontained, but, as is the case with any Aquarian emphasis, very friendly and helpful. The humanitarian side of the sign will be pronounced. There is considerable originality, but stubbornness can be a problem at times. Any Aquarian eccentricity is very subdued and will only very rarely emerge. Discipline is another positive Saturnine influence from this sign.

Saturn In Pisces

The sacrificial tendencies of P isces will be increased with this placing. Individuals will go for a job which they know will help those in need, rather than one which will develop their own potential and give inner satisfaction. Sometimes there is a lack of self-confidence. It is often the case, however, that a certain shyness plus an attractive self-effacing quality – which many of these individuals will be quite unaware of – will add charm and considerable sex appeal. A powerful imagination is usual and should be allowed free-flowing expression in any kind of creative form.

Uranus In Aries

Uranus works well from this sign, when the positive flow of Aries energy will be expressed with originality. It increases self-confidence and the ability to achieve objectives in an unusual or offbeat way. If these individuals are creative, this placing gives them a lively sense of colour, and if powers of leadership are hinted at in other areas of the birth chart, Uranus in this sign will enhance them. Uranian stubbornness will be in evidence, and possibly a rather quirky foolhardiness, which can lead to risk-taking that will need controlling.

Uranus In Taurus

Uranian stubbornness combined with the Taurean “fixed” quality is a powerful force. Many individuals will say, “I’ve made up my mind – and that’s it.” This can be a help if indecisiveness is shown in other areas of the chart; but flexibility of opinion is often lacking. This placing adds stability, and Uranian originality will be expressed with common sense and logic. Sometimes there is a daring attitude to money. Care is needed that cash is not lost on unsound projects.

Uranus In Gemini

This is a very lively placing for Uranus, especially if the chart also shows intellectual capacity, perhaps with powerful influences from Mercury, Jupiter, or Sagittarius – or if there are other planets in Gemini with Uranus. Eccentricity will be present and sometimes too, perversity – just to shock. There are quick responses in argument and debate, and many will be successful in the media. The flirtatiousness of Gemini plus the magnetism of Uranus will be an advantage.

Uranus In Cancer

Any Cancerian influence brings moodiness and changeability, and this will combine with Uranian unpredictability. This can cause problems, according to whether anxiety, concern, or indecision is shown in other areas of the chart. However, other planets and combinations can mitigate the negative influence. Originality will be present, resulting in very lively expression, either creatively or scientifically, when applied to research. There will also be a caring, humanitarian streak.

Uranus In Leo

Leo energy and powers of leadership are increased. Sometimes there is a liking for power and an attraction to politics. If this is expressed positively and not dogmatically others will be willing to follow. Leo – a fixed sign – plus Uranian stubbornness can cause problems, perhaps also bringing pomposity. There is always warmth with a Leo emphasis but Uranus cools it. Nevertheless this combination brings a pleasant friendliness. Selfconfidence is considerably helped from this placing, especially if shyness or inhibition is shown in other areas of the chart. Any Leo creativity will have a dashing and original flair.

Uranus In Virgo

This generation also has Pluto in Virgo with Uranus. Here is a potential source of tension, but the analytical qualities of Virgo plus Uranian originality are excellent for scientific or literary research. There may be clashes between the desire to take a conventional line of action (Virgo is an earth sign) and the very unconventional input of Uranus. It is up to these individuals to be aware of this conflict and learn to rationalize it.

Uranus In Libra

Here the romantic facet of Uranus shines strongly, adding glamour and magnetic charm. But if there are other planets in Libra, a conflict may occur between needing independence and the equally powerful need for settled relationships. Uranus is also in a sexy mood, and there is a desire for sexual experimentation. Here too is tremendous friendliness, and someone who is sympathetic, easy to talk to, and willing to help others. Uranus will steady people who have powerful emotions by adding a cool, rational quality to their personalities.

Uranus In Scorpio

This is an extremely dynamic and powerful placing for Uranus. While Scorpio is an emotionally charged sign, the cool detachment of Uranus will encourage these individuals to restrict any display of emotion, resulting in a calm exterior when inwardly the emotions are volcanolike. They should learn to release their emotions in a controlled manner, and not allow Vesuvian eruptions to occur.

Uranus In Sagittarius

Uranus will add originality to the intellect with plenty of fresh ideas which will be acted upon with enthusiasm. Uranus travelled through this sign between 1981 and 1988 during which time its ruler Jupiter joined it, giving individuals a very positive outlook on life and a natural sense of humour. Here too are some really good brains with fantastic potential which must not be wasted or allowed to lie dormant.

Uranus In Capricorn

Here the common sense and logic of the sign will complement the originality and dynamic influences of Uranus; but there will be conflict between Capricorn’s conventional attitude and Uranian unconventionality. Capricorn will want always to be seen to do the “right” thing, while Uranus is more daring. Hopefully, these individuals will take a sensible line of action and not cause embarrassment to themselves or other people. It must be remembered that this is a generation influence, and the characteristics will be modified by other more powerful planetary placings.

Uranus In Aquarius

Because Uranus is in its own sign, it would be quite wrong to think that everyone born during the seven-year period will be an archetypal Aquarian. But the generation as a whole has a particularly independent streak, and will want to go its own (stubborn) way. If other planets are in Aquarius, the best qualities of the sign will emerge – humanitarianism, friendliness, and sympathy for Earth’s problems such as global warming. It is up to these people to bring about greater awareness of them in others.

Uranus In Pisces

Uranus will complete its journey through Pisces in March 2011. Children born before that time have the planet in Pisces. This generation will have the hope and optimism of Uranus, and will be eager to take action where older people have been recalcitrant. These indications chime in very well with those born since 1996, when Uranus entered its own sign, Aquarius, and while the expression of international concerns will be different, there should be good results as these young people reach maturity.

Neptune In Cancer

Neptune was active in Cancer from 1901–2 (the double year is due to retrograde motion) to 1915. Cancer being the sign of home and family, here was Neptune’s main influence during the period that began with the Boer War in South Africa, and ended with the First World War still raging as the planet completed its journey. Children born then suffered again as grown-ups, facing the equally dreadful conditions of the Second World War. While Neptune increased these individuals’ powerful emotions, it added to the tenacity (a powerful Cancerian trait) they needed to keep going while under privation. The placing also increased sensitivity and intuition. This worked well in some circumstances, such as when a dreaded telegram arrived announcing the death of a husband or son, yet the recipient instinctively knew that the message was wrong. Similarly, some expected bad news even before the telegram boy knocked on the door.

Neptune In Leo

Neptune entered Leo in 1915 and continued through to 1928–9, when it overlapped with Virgo. It was during these years that the popularity of cinema considerably increased. Millions of people visited the cinema each week to see the great silent movie epics. Here was escapism from the aftermath of the First World War and the financial disasters of the Depression, into a wonderful world of make-believe. The Neptune generation influence added a sense of drama and a need for glamour – traits still present with its remaining members. If Leo or Pisces are accented by Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, these individuals will have a really creative imagination which can be expressed through any art form. Maybe they danced, and still paint or create beautiful embroidery, or take photographs. Their potential was and still remains considerable.

Neptune In Virgo

When Neptune entered Virgo, the sign of communications, in 1928–9, cinema leapt ahead with the advent of “talking pictures”, television was developed, and in 1936, the British Broadcasting Corporation started its first transmissions. While Virgo is the sign of the Virgin, and Neptune is connected with spirituality and faith, the critical side of the Virgo influence began to be expressed on religion by this generation. The imagination can be considerably stimulated by this placing. If either Gemini or Virgo is emphasized by Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, the influence is helpful and strong. It can also give the potential for writing or craftwork. Neptune from this sign tends to sap selfconfidence, and this should always be carefully considered, in spite of it being just a generation influence.

Neptune In Libra

The planet was in Libra from 1942 to 1956–7. Think of the romantic songs of the 1940s and the war – full of longing and regretful separation, with lovers parted and not knowing when or where they would meet again. All this was emphasizing Neptune confusion and the total lack of Libran togetherness. During this time the flower-power generation of the 1970s was born. Here Libran principles and characteristics are merged with the sensitivity of Neptune, but the illusion of love is unrealistic, and it will be emphasized when the Venus signs, Taurus and Libra or Pisces, are prominent in this generation’s charts. From Libra the planet adds kindness, generosity, and willingness to make sacrifices for loved ones. However, if these signs are not prominent by Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, this generation influence will not be very noticeable.

Neptune In Scorpio

The difference between the softness of the Neptune-in-Libra generation and the punk rock generation of the Neptune-in-Scorpio (1956–7 to 1970–1) people is unmistakable. The latter have a hard and aggressive image: their drug scene was not the peaceful drifting of Neptune in Libra, but something far more intense and often extremely dangerous. As Scorpio is an intensively emotional sign, Neptune’s journey through it increases this powerful force, especially if Scorpio is Sun, Moon, or Ascendant. But sometimes, even with the strength of Scorpio giving tremendous back-up, there is uncertainty and confusion present. While this is a generation influence, many individuals born during this period tend to lack the usually disciplined attitude of this powerful sign.

Neptune In Sa Gittarius

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, used to be the ruler of Pisces (now ruled by Neptune), and that traditional ruling seems to have an effect here. The 1970–1 to 1984–5 generation is more idealistic and hopeful, and will do much to save the Earth’s resources. Those who get the best out of Neptune are idealistic and express hope, even if they have to cope with cynicism and bureaucracy. Neptune in Sagittarius is a lovely influence for those who have this sign or Pisces prominent by Sun, Moon, or Ascendant. Many have a special love and respect for animals, and this is one reason for increased vegetarianism; but when the influence works negatively, there is a near gluttony for junk food, resulting in increasingly dangerous obesity.

Neptune In Ca Pricorn

At the time of writing, many of the Neptune-in-Capricorn people (1984–98) are still very young, and it must be hoped that time will have not run out for saving the Earth’s resources. This generation, if any, has what it takes to actually do something about this, and hopefully the negative escapism of the drug scene will begin to diminish. If the rather dreamy idealism and creativity of Neptune can be channelled and given form, so that despite cloudiness and confusion there are inspired but constructive results, then there is hope. Here is a greater sense of direction and caution, not only for those who have Capricorn as Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, but more generally. Many will be less inclined to take the easy way out of difficult situations and will see the stupidity of taking drugs.

Neptune In Aquarius

Currently active, Neptune entered Aquarius in 1998 and will remain there until 2010. At the time of writing, only children under 10 have this interesting generation influence. The general effects have barely started, but there are distinct characteristics. Here is Aquarian idealism and humanitarianism heightened by Neptunian sensitivity and emotion. Those with an Aquarius Sun, Moon, or Ascendant will have considerably increased emotions which will be expressed as suggested above. We can expect a certain amount of quirkiness in their self-expression, but there is a huge amount of originality which will be expressed through scientific development. The influence will surely assist those in medical research – the relief of suffering is very Neptunian and will complement the humanitarian side of Aquarius. As we see things at present, this area is moving fast and will continue to do so – especially as these young people reach maturity and take their places in their various professions. The arts and medicine will dominate, while other branches of science, space travel, and knowledge of the universe will receive considerable attention too.

Neptune In Pisces

Following its current position in Aquarius, Neptune is due to be active in Pisces from 2011 to 2025. It was way back in the 1860s that Neptune last visited Pisces, and while we could study its influences from that time, is it worth doing so? The world is a different place, and becoming increasingly so in the 21st century. One thinks of that age of regular churchgoing and sexual repression – but also incredible progress in engineering and grand Victorian Gothic architecture; of the horrors of the American Civil War, but the end of slavery... How will these influences be reborn, if at all?

Pluto In Cancer

The First World War began not long after Pluto settled down to its slow crawl through Cancer (1912–3 to 1937–8), emphasizing fruitless effort and death on an appalling scale. As with Neptune (in that sign at roughly the same time), here the disruption of home and family life was almost worldwide, and those born during this period suffered again during the Second World War. When Cancer is a person’s Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign, the powerful emotions of that sign are further heightened by Pluto’s compulsive and intense presence. These individuals have particularly powerful and determined responses, which will either make them pull right back or cause them to explode emotionally. This influence is increased when supported by other planets in water signs.

Pluto In Leo

The Second World War broke out as Pluto settled into a new sign (in Leo, 1937–57) and emphasized the concomitant disasters. But here there was a much more acceptable reason for war, and it was successful in spite of the appalling suffering and elimination of millions of innocent people. The good that came out of this influence was in the formation of the United Nations, which has very Leonine overtones. When Leo is a person’s Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign, a power complex can develop. Generally a spark of Leo big-heartedness is present, especially if there are planets in other fire signs, but the enthusiasm of the fire element is suppressed. Here are people who were the first computer buffs, and who, because of Pluto in Leo, knew when to pull the plug to stop the machine from taking over.

Pluto In Virgo

Pluto was in Virgo from 1957 to 1971. Also, Uranus and Pluto formed a conjunction in Virgo for several years at this time. There was much student violence and criticism of the older generation’s values. This generation has a very special power, still expressed by more extreme politicians and the uncaring attitude of many others. Virgo as Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign plus Pluto adds an obsessive tendency which needs countering by seeing the broad picture of situations and projects. More generally, the influence heightens the ability to specialize in chosen subjects. Healthy eating is essential for this generation.

Pluto In Libra

After Virgo, Pluto entered Libra in 1971 and remained there until 1983–4. The 1970s saw an increase in sexual permissiveness, mostly due to the free availability of the Pill. Here were the Neptunein- Libra people doing their own thing and enjoying freedom of expression and experimentation with drugs. Pluto puts a brake on the romanticism of Libra, but adds heightened sexuality, especially when Libra is the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign. Generally the influence adds a spicy sex appeal. While a Pluto influence tends not to favour free discussion of problems, this generation will not find it difficult to do so.

Pluto In Scorpio

Nineteen Eighty-Four, the novel by George Orwell, made a lot of people apprehensive as that year loomed. Astrologers discussed Pluto’s entry into its own sign at the time (1983–4), and the phenomenon became the theme for astrological conferences. It was evident that Pluto was signalling the development of HIV and AIDS. This illness is extremely Scorpionic in character, and it was not difficult to predict the devastation it would cause as the planet progressed through its own sign (until 1995). While its influence from Scorpio will increase the Scorpio characteristics of those with a Scorpio Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign, there is no added danger of these individuals contracting the illness.

Pluto In Sagittarius

Pluto was in Sagittarius from 1995 to 2007. It is too soon to assess the influence of Pluto in Sagittarius, either generally or personally. The two entities are totally opposite, with Pluto being an extremely intensive, secretive influence, and Sagittarius being more open, enjoying breadth of vision and freedom. If we can get the strength and passion of Pluto working with determination, plus the openness and vision of Sagittarius, we should get a very great deal from the influence; but sadly, crime, terrorism, and the hugely negative drug scene are very Plutonic, and seem to be winning. All this will radically change when Pluto enters Capricorn in early 2008.

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