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If you dream of a dog growling and attacking you, you should be wary of the machinations of enemies, but a dog playing with you presages welfare and true friends. To see your dog having a great pedigree and excellent qualities in a dream predicts wealth in real life. To dream of being pursued by a bloodhound means that you will yield to temptations that will possibly bring you a big trouble. If you dream of small dogs, it signifies that your thoughts are too frivolous. To be bitten by a dog in a dream warns you to be very careful in dealing with the people around you, because they may be rather troublesome. To dream of skinny dogs can mean collapse of the business, as well as illness of children. A dream of a dog show is usually a favorable sign. A barking dog predicts that bad news are in store for you. If you dream of dogs chasing a fox or other animal, you will improve the state of your affairs. To see small domestic dogs signifies that perhaps you are too selfish. If such dogs are seen by a young woman, they can predict a fiancé with too much flashy gloss. If you are afraid of a big dog in a dream, you will feel uncomfortable in reality because of standing out from the crowd. For a young woman, such a dream promises her an outstanding husband. To hear a dog´s barking and growling means that you come a lot under the influence of people surrounding you, who do not always wish you good. A barking of a lonely dog predicts long separation from your beloved, or even his death. If you dream of a pack of fighting dogs, get ready for the machinations of your enemies. Maybe a period of depression is beginning in your life. To see a dog killing a cat in a dream promises a good deal and an unexpected joy. To see dogs and cats getting well along with each other, and then suddenly rushing at each other, is a sign predicting your breakup in love affairs. However, if you manage to separate them in a dream, in reality you will avoid a breakup with your beloved. To dream of a good white dog approaching you promises a tempting offer, whether in business or in love. For a woman, it is a sign of forthcoming marriage. To see a dog with a lot of heads means that you seek to busy yourself with too much things. For a man seeking to succeed, such a dream is a reminder of that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. To dream of a mad dog signifies that all of the efforts for achieving your goals are futile. Furthermore, you may suffer a serious illness. If a mad dog manages to bite you, it warns that you or someone you know is on the brink of madness and that something tragic can happen. To dream of traveling while accompanied only by a faithful dog promises true friends and success in all your beginnings. To see dogs, swimming in a dream, means that fortune will smile on you. A dream of a dog killing a snake is a presage of good luck.

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