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You can read the full interpretation of a dream in which you saw "Mirror" on this page.

Important to understand: The correct interpretation of many dreams in which you see "Mirror" in many cases depends on the dream as a whole, from a set of little details which meet in a dream together with "Mirror". If you want to find out the full meaning of your dream in which you saw "Mirror", you should address to experts or to write to us, having in detail described your dream. We always try to solve for you secrets of dreams.

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  • Twelve houses of a horoscope

    • Third House: The House Of Gemini And Mercury.: Neptune. Children with Neptune in the Third House will take a while to settle at school. While fertile, their imagination will need guidance and encouragement. Singing potential may exist.
    • Sixth House. The House Of Virgo And Mercury: Here is our attitude toward health and the way we look after ourselves – or not – through diet and exercise. This is the house of the daily round of work, routine, and discipline in our lives. It will also suggest the kind of hobbies and spare time interests we might feel inclined to pursue.
    • Third House: The House Of Gemini And Mercury.: Pluto. A conflict will occur between the need to communicate and secretiveness. Encouragement in talking over problems is necessary if things go wrong at school or with siblings. Good prospects for investigative journalism.
  • Influence on people of planets in astronomy

    • Pluto In Sagittarius: Pluto was in Sagittarius from 1995 to 2007. It is too soon to assess the influence of Pluto in Sagittarius, either generally or personally. The two entities are totally opposite, with Pluto being an extremely intensive, secretive influence, and Sagittarius being more open, enjoying breadth of vision and freedom. If we can get the strength and passion of Pluto working with determination, plus the openness and vision of Sagittarius, we should get a very great deal from the influence; but sadly, crime, terrorism, and the hugely negative drug scene are very Plutonic, and seem to be winning. All this will radically change when Pluto enters Capricorn in early 2008.
    • Neptune In Virgo: When Neptune entered Virgo, the sign of communications, in 1928–9, cinema leapt ahead with the advent of “talking pictures”, television was developed, and in 1936, the British Broadcasting Corporation started its first transmissions. While Virgo is the sign of the Virgin, and Neptune is connected with spirituality and faith, the critical side of the Virgo influence began to be expressed on religion by this generation. The imagination can be considerably stimulated by this placing. If either Gemini or Virgo is emphasized by Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, the influence is helpful and strong. It can also give the potential for writing or craftwork. Neptune from this sign tends to sap selfconfidence, and this should always be carefully considered, in spite of it being just a generation influence.
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