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Important to understand: The correct interpretation of many dreams in which you see "Pineapple" in many cases depends on the dream as a whole, from a set of little details which meet in a dream together with "Pineapple". If you want to find out the full meaning of your dream in which you saw "Pineapple", you should address to experts or to write to us, having in detail described your dream. We always try to solve for you secrets of dreams.

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  • Twelve houses of a horoscope

    • Sixth House: The House Of Virgo And Mercury.: Mercury. The planet’s influence is increased in this, its own house. A lively and sharp mind, and critical acumen will be pronounced. Considerable attention to detail and a strong tendency to worry.
    • Ninth House: The House Of Sagittarius And Jupiter.: Saturn. Here we have the serious thinkers of the zodiac, who will concentrate on, and attempt to alleviate, important world issues and suffering. Travel is not usually enjoyed, since these individuals may have a fear of flying or be reluctant to journey far from home.
    • First House: The House Of The Ascendant.: Saturn. Will sober the Ascendant characteristics. Often causes inhibition, lack of self-confidence, and bouts of depression. A conventional outlook, with determination and ambition. These individuals will take life seriously. The knees and shins are vulnerable.
  • Influence on people of planets in astronomy

    • Neptune In Ca Pricorn: At the time of writing, many of the Neptune-in-Capricorn people (1984–98) are still very young, and it must be hoped that time will have not run out for saving the Earth’s resources. This generation, if any, has what it takes to actually do something about this, and hopefully the negative escapism of the drug scene will begin to diminish. If the rather dreamy idealism and creativity of Neptune can be channelled and given form, so that despite cloudiness and confusion there are inspired but constructive results, then there is hope. Here is a greater sense of direction and caution, not only for those who have Capricorn as Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, but more generally. Many will be less inclined to take the easy way out of difficult situations and will see the stupidity of taking drugs.
    • Saturn In Cancer: Here is a particularly strong need for emotional security; a formal contract of marriage will be more desirable than cohabitation. Many of these individuals will be especially keen to build a sound family background for themselves, their partner, and children. The Cancerian tendency to worry will be pronounced, even if the dominant signs of the individual’s chart show otherwise. Any hint of depression must be talked through with a sympathetic partner or friends. Often there is restraint in the expression of emotion. They need to relax as this helps counter the tendency.
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