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You can read the full interpretation of a dream in which you saw "Violin" on this page.

Important to understand: The correct interpretation of many dreams in which you see "Violin" in many cases depends on the dream as a whole, from a set of little details which meet in a dream together with "Violin". If you want to find out the full meaning of your dream in which you saw "Violin", you should address to experts or to write to us, having in detail described your dream. We always try to solve for you secrets of dreams.

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  • Twelve houses of a horoscope

    • Fifth House: The House Of Leo And The Sun.: Mars. The energy level is considerable, and enthusiasm for sporting activity – from the bedroom to the sports field – is certain. A tendency to take risks is very likely, and often money is wasted on gambling.
    • First House: The House Of The Ascendant.: Pluto. A dynamic force. Sweeping changes will be made and psychologically needed too. The individual must learn not to bottle up problems. A seeker with detective instincts. Can be obsessive – especially over self-analysis. Possible genital problems.
    • Sixth House: The House Of Virgo And Mercury.: Venus. There will be lack of motivation to exercise and generally a laid-back attitude to routine work is common. A certain predilection for sweet, rich food can cause weight gain and a loss of physical attractiveness.
  • Influence on people of planets in astronomy

    • Neptune In Aquarius: Currently active, Neptune entered Aquarius in 1998 and will remain there until 2010. At the time of writing, only children under 10 have this interesting generation influence. The general effects have barely started, but there are distinct characteristics. Here is Aquarian idealism and humanitarianism heightened by Neptunian sensitivity and emotion. Those with an Aquarius Sun, Moon, or Ascendant will have considerably increased emotions which will be expressed as suggested above. We can expect a certain amount of quirkiness in their self-expression, but there is a huge amount of originality which will be expressed through scientific development. The influence will surely assist those in medical research – the relief of suffering is very Neptunian and will complement the humanitarian side of Aquarius. As we see things at present, this area is moving fast and will continue to do so – especially as these young people reach maturity and take their places in their various professions. The arts and medicine will dominate, while other branches of science, space travel, and knowledge of the universe will receive considerable attention too.
    • Sun Sign: Capricorn. Mercury In Aquarius: An element of stubbornness and mild eccentricity will be expressed from time to time, and these individuals will have a less conventional outlook on life. But, at times, there will be conflict between deciding to take a conservative or radical line of action. Bright and original ideas should not be ignored.
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